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Order Your Cookies Online!

You must give us 2 weeks notice on cookie orders.

Just a Piece of Cake LLC now offers online ordering of its cookies.

Our cookies start at $6.00 each or $72.00 per dozen. Each is individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Click on pictures for description and quantities.  Have questions about our cookies or ordering click on the Chat Box below, or call 860-228-2757  We offer a wide variety of specialty cookies for any occasion.

Online ordering accepts PayPal for payment, the shipping address is the address associated with your PayPal account.  If shipping to a different address put a note on the cart page.  All orders must be paid when purchased.

All cookies are individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon and placed into a bakery box.


When mailed they are placed into individual bubble wrap bags, placed into a bakery box that is wrapped in bubble wrap, then into a mailing box. We usually ship Priority mail 3 to 4  days prior to your delivery date. During the winter cookies are mailed earlier to ensure delivery due to inclement weather.

 We will only replace an order if more than 50% of the cookies are broken.

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